Flash Games

Flash Games

I programmed these web games in ActionScript® 3.0 using Adobe® Flash® Professional in 2010. At the time they could be played in any browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. Unfortunately, Flash has died and these games are now unplayable.

Fly swat is the first game I programmed independently. You use the mouse to swat the flies. The game ends when you've gotten rid of all the flies and you are scored on time and accuracy.

This game was my first experiment with procedurally generated art, particle effects, and trails. You control a butterfly with the mouse and can click on the flowers.

This game uses the arrow keys and the 'a' and 'd' keys to move and rotate a tiny underwater ship that collects bubbles. You must line up each bubble you catch with the matching part of the ship or you will loose points instead of gaining points. The ship will sink in the water over time and the game will end if you let it crash into the ground. The game also ends when all the bubbles have been collected.

This is a game about collecting candy on Halloween. You have 1 minute catch as much candy as you can into your jack-o-lantern. Move the jack-o-lantern left and right using the left and right arrow keys. Avoid ghosts who will steal all your candy.

I made this virtual version of the game of Dreidel in celebration of Chanukah. The game is played with 4 players on 1 computer. The dreidel moves around to each player, and you click the dreidel to spin it. The side the dreidel lands on determines if you put coins in the pot or you get coins out. When a player looses all their coins to the pot, they are out. The game continues until only 1 player remains.

I created this game as a Valentine's Day card. You control a bird with the arrow keys and can fly around and collect hearts as they float up into the sky.